Our Company

Tradorum is an emerging start-up retailer and commercial agent from Austria. We specialize in online sales and business-to-business marketing.

Our Business

Tradorum cooperates with various Austrian and European companies and sells their products on Amazon, other online marketplaces and e-commerce websites.
In the business-to-business area, Tradorum acts as commercial agent to ensure optimal key account management.

Our Objective

Tradorum aims to support domestic and local businesses in entering the fast-growing online retail sector as well as expanding and strengthening the existing online presence of companies that have already gained a foothold in the branch of online sales.
Tradorum is proud to provide you an assortment of various goods. Go ahead and check out our latest products and special offers!
Browse our webshop and simply order your favorite products online.
Most of our products are available on Amazon. We offer premium shipping and free delivery for members of Amazon Prime.
Visit us on social media! @Tradorum is present on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and others. There you can find more information about Tradorum, photos and videos of our products as well as exclusive promotion codes. Follow us and feel free to like, share and comment!
Do you have any questions, requests or want more information about Tradorum, our products and services? Feel free to contact us!
You can find us on social media @tradorum. Feel free to follow, like, comment and share.


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